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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

House vs Home

So what makes a house a become a home??

We have been in our house now 8mths.. It literally feels just like we moved in... maybe that's due to the fact that there are still some boxes that need to be explored! It amazes me how much things evolve and change and you don't even realize its happening. I had taken some pics of the house awhile back maybe in February and it amazes me how much has changed in the time since I have taken them. I think that all has to do in the process of making a house now a home! Its adding those small personal touches, all those fun things like pictures, vases, frames, mirrors those little things make such a big difference. I will share these pics, but I am now motivated to go around and take some more updated pics!

I wanted to share these pics since I know a lot of people who were following my facebook page during construction watched us post pics of materials and colors and other odds and ends and not many have actually seen the finished product. I don't have every room photographed as of now but I will work on that! For tonight I am going to share with you are kitchen area. I was really excited how this turned out. Its so hard when you pick everything out on its own especially since I am a very visual person! I hope you like it!

I take as much pride in the putting together of our home as I do in my other creative outlets. I hope you enjoy what we have created here at home. I will share some of the other rooms as the week goes on. Happy Creating!

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