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Monday, June 27, 2011

Almost there!

I think I have officially touched every piece of scrap supplies I own! I am way on the home stretch. I have all the embellishments sorted and in a home. Next task is label everything pretty and find a home for it all on my shelves. I took some pics of the items I am using for storage. Once I get everything labeled and put away I will take pics of the finished results! I also have a very large box full of supplies I am purging! It feels good to get my little corner of the world organized!  So here are the reasons I love target!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekends! Too much to do and never enough time!

So I did manage to do some organizing last night when we got back home. I had to go get some more supplies to carry on with the sorting though since I ran out of storage. I got lucky and was able to get all the totes I needed to hopefully finish sorting out my categories. I was able to find some totes that have a top that latch at Target in the dorm room items that are the perfect size for embellishments and stickers. I love target!

I didn't get as much done as I would have liked this weekend, but that is usually how most weekends go.. Too much to do and not enough time! We had a fun weekend though went and got some supplies for organizing, also got some supplies for the design team submissions, went to the parade of homes to look for ideas for finishing the basement. We saw a few theater rooms which Terry is in love with, unfortunately no hobby rooms! Bummer! Oh well I will have to blaze my own path!

Today started with me cleaning all 3 bathrooms... and then off to spend time with Terry's family. It  ended up being a beautiful day to hang out on his aunts deck!

 I could be down doing some more sorting and organizing.. but this girl is tuckered out! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I am hopeful I will have my room finished by mid week!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 3 of Organizing.. Yes it continues!

So just so you all know this is being done some very limited time at night after supper mess is cleaned up, so its not like I spend all day organizing my stuff.. So I got all my card stock sorted by color and in cropper hopper paper holders! Yeah! I have now tackled all the embellishments! What a job that is! I have way too much cute stuff! (which is not a bad problem to have!) I am slowly going through the embellishments and figuring out what to keep and what categories I will need for them and how many things to keep them separated! The good thing is though there is an end in sight! So keep plugging along! Also I see a couple of design teams have calls out so  I am excited to try to get a spot. I have to keep trying! I hope everyone has a good weekend!

Here is a summer tray I did a while back! Happy Looking!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 2 of Organizing!

So as I promised here are the categories I came up with to help me organize my oodles of supplies! Previously I did things by manufacturer, but at that time I was working in a scrap store and I could tell you who all had what type of lines, but now that I don't work in the store anymore and my stuff had been in storage for quite a few months while we built our house I started contemplating how else to do it. Well this is what I cam up with!

 I started with general categories and some of them have subcategories. So here are the general ones I came up with. Some of these could be different since we may not all scrap the same things, so when you are brainstorming keep in mind what type of projects you work on or what type of supplies are you drawn too!

1. Pets
2. Travel
3. Wedding
4. Birthday
5. Holidays
6. Seasons
7. Kids
8. Everyday
9. Home

So those are the main ones I went through each piece of paper and put it in appropriate stack. Once I had everything stacked I then went through each stack and decided if some sub categories may be needed. Due to the extent of my collection sub categories were definitely needed for most of my stash! During this time I did a lot of purging as well, this is all set aside for when my local scrap store has a garage sale.

Sub Categories:
1. None needed for pets since I only have a puppy!
2. Travel- Outdoors, Door County, Water, General Travel
3. Wedding- My wedding, Brother's Wedding, General Wedding
4.  Birthdays- None
5.  Holidays- Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Valentines Day, Easter,
6. Seasons- Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall-Colors, Fall-cutesy papers
7. Kids- General Baby, Baby Girl, Baby Boy, Boy, Girls
8. Everyday- This one I broke down by manufacturers since most of this was stripes or dots or florals..
9. Home-none needed this category special for me since we built our home so I have been collecting stuff for that specific project.

Having done this with all my paper has helped me remember what I all have in my collection again, and when its time to work on say some Christmas layouts or cards all I will need to do is grab the holiday paper keeper or bin and and the tote that has all the embellishments in it as well instead of having to think of where did I put this or what manufacturer had this line.. My next step is to get all my cardstock organized by color. Those stacks have begun.. and then next are all my embellishments! I will keep you posted of tips along the way!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I think I found the answer to organizing my Scrap Stuff!

So I have been contemplating on how best to organize all my scrap supplies since we are now settled in our  house and I have a designated area again. This is what I came up with!

1. I have to come up with an easy system to remember what I have. I came up with standard categories to sort all my paper and embellishments by.

2. I will go through every item and decide what to keep and what to purge. Seriously I need to stop hoarding supplies.

3. I will label all my things by the categories I have set up. This way I can easily pull all the pet paper and embellishments and it all should be in 2 containers.

So here is some pics of some of the progress I am making. I will share my categories tomorrow! Happy organizing!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Gosh here I am talking about how quickly June has come this year, but here we are celebrating our 3 wedding anniversary.. I can't believe its been that long all ready. It feels like just yesterday we were running around picking stuff up for the wedding and doing all the fun planning. I guess it says a lot about our marriage that 3 years have flown by in what feels like a blink of an eye. For me our marriage is so easy. Don't get me wrong we get into spats every once in awhile, but otherwise things are effortless. Its exciting that in this 3 years we have built our dream home and have added Otis to the mix! Lets see what the next 3 years brings!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

June Already?

Wow I can't believe this year is almost half over! We have now been in our house for 6 mths! I can't believe it! It feels just like yesterday that we had moved in here. I will say that 6 mths later it feels much more like a home then a house! I still have a few finishing touches left here and there but for the most part the house is decorated! Of course my scrap room is still in progress.. I am hoping to get that looking all neat nifty real soon! Someday it will be really awesome and the basement will be finished, but for now it works great! I have tons of natural light and tons of room. This month I am focused on getting it organized and usable! I am so excited. I will post pics soon! Happy June peoples!