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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Happy Weekend!

Weekends are always enjoyable! Especially when you get to kick back and do not much of anything! I got to go to some of my fave places this weekend! Target of course( got some awesome deals, a pair of converse for 7.50 a pair of crop pants for $6.00... you can't go wrong! Then it was off to the local scrapstore to stock up on some more white cardstock and a few other new goodies and then we went to an antique store.. Lots of cool goodies there that would work well for a scrap room! Its fun looking at all the trinket items. Plus its nice to be in the air conditioning since its still a scorcher here! Well  here is a look at a few other items that I have done.. Maybe I did the blizzard layout in hopes of it cooling the weather off! I also love the fact that I have used some of my older supplies!!! Time to use and to stop hoarding!!! LOL! That should be my new motto!

Happy Creating!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How to make a gloomy day better!

I found a way to make a not so good day better and be productive at the same time! Imagine that! I have made the decision if its one of those days where nothing is just going right, I will then take time and to scrap some pics or sort through some pics from a happy time and relive those memories to get through the remainder of the day! Since Monday was one of those days for me it made me dig out my Disney photos and finally start our vacation album. It was fun working with the pictures and the fun embellishments and bright papers.. It helped lift my spirits! Plus I am accomplishing something at the same time.. Its a win win!

I am also happy that I am using some of those older products I have been hoarding all this time as well!

Here is the start of our Disney Trip 1 Album!

Happy Creating Everyone!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Heat Wave!

This week has been a long one! The temps have been in the 90's since last weekend and it suppose to go through this weekend yet into early next week.. But there is hope its not to be as humid.. Where is my fall that I Love so much! I am sure Chi town was just as hot and sticky for all those CHA attendees! Did everyone see all the new stuff that is coming out.. I know I can't wait! Two Peas in a Bucket has been doing some challenges this week and here is one that  I made for their Vintage challenge. You are to use something that has a vintage icon on it. Here is the card I made with a vintage embellishment from American Crafts! I used the scraps I had left from a layout I did earlier in the week! Gotta love scraps! I hope you enjoy it! For all of you in the midwest stay cool this weekend!

Here is the card, and maybe it will inspire you to reach out and call someone that you haven't spoken to for awhile!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Design Entry Submission Sent!

I have sent off both.. I guess I feeling ambitious, or just wanted to get it done so I couldn't dwell on it anymore! Either way another thing off the list! Yeah!! Now keep your fingers crossed everyone! A little extra luck never hurts! I also got all the other pics uploaded to my gallery so you can see some of the other things I have been busy working on. These are the things that I decided not so submit but are done with both companies lines. Have fun looking them over, I know I had fun making them!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer CHA Is here!

I know for sure I am excited to start seeing the pics of what everyone has at the craft and hobby tradeshow. I so wish I could be there to see all the amazing talent, people and products that everyone has to offer.. Unfortunately I will have to live vicariously through the bits and pieces and that the companies and other scrapbook sites feed me instead... I had gone one year when I was still working at the scrapbook store and loved getting to see everything.

Being Friends on facebook with some of my fave companies has helped, since I have gotten glimpses of some of the new items that way. I know will be having an online social with challenges, pictures and giveaways. Most of that starts on Tuesday with some of it starting on Monday. I can't wait..  Here are a few links to some of my fave sneaks: American Crafts sneak peeksJillibean.. there are many more too, all the sneak peeks are towards the bottom of those sites posts..  Hopefully the stores around here will get the new lines and not just some of it..

This weekend was productive, I got a few more layouts done!! Yeah!! I will be taking pics hopefully tomorrow, submitting my design team entries on Tuesday, and uploading my extra projects to my blog/or two peas gallery on Wednesday. I still need to work on some cards this week as well to add to my Operation Grateful stash too.. This week should be a productive one since its is to be in the upper 90's all week... I will be hiding out inside in my basement/awesome scraproom!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and I hope the week flies by all for all us worker bee's who would rather be creating!

Friday, July 15, 2011

I had a surprise yesterday in the mail!

So I got home and I had a box of goodies that had arrived from October Afternoon. They were trying to get a certain number of friends on facebook and once they got to that number they were going to pick a random friend to give some goodies. Lucky me! They helped console me after seeing that I wasn't going to win the American Crafts summer challenge.. just not quite enough votes!

So I ended up with the whole collection of 5 and Dime from October Afternoon. Now I have to find some pics and do some cool projects with it. I can't wait! Here is pic of my loot! Makes for a very happy girl!

See I told you its a lot! I didn't think they would be that generous! I love it!! I love 1/2 day fridays over summer! I all ready have worked for the day, gotten a hair cut which I actually really really love and have been to the bank all ready.. Now I get to go play! Happy Creating and have a great Weekend!!
Friday Love!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Yeah! I have 3 followers!

I am excited to see that I have 3 people who want to follow my blog! Sorry I have taken a mini break from it. I have been busy with finalizing my design team entries for Pebble and American Crafts. I know have to do the paragraph about me.. I hope to work on some more projects here this weekend since its suppose to be so warm this weekend. So stay tuned for upcoming pics of new fun things! Happy Almost Friday Everyone and Happy Creating!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

And back to the real world..

And so the weekend and my week off comes to an end.. As all good things must.. It was nice getting some things marked off the to do list and having some me time! I totally recommend it! 5:30 am is going to come way too soon! I have almost completed my design team items. I only have one layout left and that is only because I am going to use the layout I created for a contest instead that American Crafts is hosting on their face book page. I will  need lots of people to like my layout, pretty pretty please! =) Here is a sneak peak of the layout.

As I was working on my last layout this is what I turned around to see. I must learn not to turn my back on a certain someone! He apparently enjoys scarves just like me!

I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend and I hope that the week flies by for everyone! Happy Creating!

Friday, July 8, 2011

As Promised Card Pictures!

So here are some of the cards that I made to donate to Operation Grateful. I hope to make quite a bit more before having to drop them off at the drop spot. I am almost done with my design team submissions so I will be able to focus again on the cards. If you didn't get a chance to check out Operation Grateful last time on my blog, check it out. Happy Friday everyone and Happy Creating! Otis had to get into the picture I think he was feeling left out!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

At last I am finished!

I seem to be having some tech issues or maybe just overall issues today! First I think I broke my Ipod which I am not happy about..I had it connected to the computer to charge and the mouse went dead so I couldn't eject it properly and now its stuck on a faded screen that says its connected... Looks like the kiss of death to me...Plus I don't have itunes on that computer so it wouldn't have synced or anything like that.. anyways I guess I learned my lesson.. So now I am trying to share the pics of my completed room and now it won't show me the most recent pics I have downloaded so I can add them to this post. Maybe I shouldn't touch anything more today! What a day! I wish I could say my room was still so neat and organized, but I am in the middle of my design team entries so its a wee bit messy, but at least when I am done creating it all will have a place to call home! Its so nice to be able to say I am done! At least until someday when my room actually gets finished.. but that is a ways down the road.. Then it will look 100 % better, since I will have real walls and flooring! I love having the windows and all the natural light that comes in. Let alone I can sit and daydream out them when I work! Hopefully I have figured out a way to add some pics!

 Enjoy the beautiful weather and happy creating!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Operation Grateful and TGIF!

So I have been at a lull to show progress in my organizing mission. Right now I am trying to create cute labels to make everything easy to find and trying to figure out where everything will have a home.. I can get hung up on details like that! Never fear though I have a few days off this week and I am dedicating it to my room and some much needed creative time! If anyone is looking for something creative to do that also gives back to the community take a look at this OPERATION GRATEFUL. I  am going over to my mom's today and we are going to work on creating some cards. There is a local scrapbook store, Scrapbook Superstore in the Madison area that is also acting as a drop off point. I think it will be a fun thing to do plus on this fourth of July weekend its a great way to give back for all they do to protect our freedom.

I promise this week to share the room progress and hopefully some pics of projects! Have a great Friday Everyone!