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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Love Short weeks!

I am so excited to be off till Monday! I am  hoping some crafty madness can ensue during this time. The house is all pretty clean since we just had people over this weekend. The only thing that will compete with the crafty time will be shopping time! What is a girl to do! The outside of the house is all ready for xmas and I am sure the inside won't be far behind. My hubby is a xmas nut, no fanatic! It makes the holiday fun.. So with the holiday almost here anyone else taking time to be crafty? I am hoping to find something cute to decorate my holiday tulle wreath with.. Pictures to come. I hope whatever your plans you have a happy and enjoyable Thanksgiving with family and friends!

Happy creating!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ever feel like you fallen off the face of the earth??

I have had  a few weeks like that now... Just way too much going on.. I am hoping things will slow down a bit and I can focus on all the fun craftiness that the holidays bring! I have to remember that I need to take no MAKE the time to be creative. I need to listen to my husband and leave work at work.. During this holiday season I am going to strive to do just that and try and focus on the fun things. I can't believe halloween is over and Thanksgiving is literally knocking on the door.. Where has the time gone!

All the halloween is packed up and the fall decor is now out and christmas is starting to come.. We have all the outside lights up already! You have to be prepared when you live in Wisconsin since you never know how the weather will be day to day! It was just snowing yesterday and by the weekend we will be back in the 50's!

I hope to be more present on my blog this month! I have a wreath I am excited to share and I can't wait to start making my xmas cards. Hope you all have a great Friday and happy creating!