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Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Project Life Method for Scrapbooking

So I have delved into the world of project life. I felt I just had way too many stacks of pictures to ever catch up with so I thought I would give this method a chance.  It was worth a shot at least, right?? You never know if you don't try!

We have gone on a many a trip and between those pictures and all of the everyday pictures they just began to stack up.. What can a person do!  I know Project Life has been available for some time, but I am one of those scrappers who like to see, touch, feel the product before buying! So now with Project Life being available pretty much everywhere along with the other companies offering project life style products as well I thought I would give it a try.

I started by grabbing a stack of my photos from our Disney Trip. What better type of project to start with, its one with tons of pictures and the pictures really do tell the story on their own with only a little journaling needed. I started by sorting the pictures by park and found the notes I had taken from the trip. Once the pictures were sorted by park, I  grabbed product that I had bought to scrap the trip traditionally along with the Project Life Pages. Since this was my first time attempting the Project Life method its kind of a hybrid.  I made traditional 12x12 layouts for each introductory page for each park and for any pictures that I wanted to show case more of. Next, I looked at the pictures to see what type of page layout would work. I placed the pictures in the pages and left areas open to go back to journal and embellish. It was a great way to help visualize how the album would look. I also love using a 3 ring binder you can so easily slip pages in and out and move things around if needed. I am a total convert to binders now instead of post bound albums, which is another big change for me.

Let me tell you I have never whizzed though a project faster! It was so nice since you could go move things back around if needed to make the design work better or to add another picture. Also I actually saw progress happening. My stacks of pictures were in pages instead of stacks! It was such a nice feeling! Plus I was still able to take time on some layouts and do more traditional layouts if I wanted or add them in later. Since completing the Disney trip I have now moved on to putting together all our Bulldog's pictures into one of the mini albums and I am using Blush and 5th and Frolic for our wedding! Both projects are going awesome and I am hopeful with the starting year I am going to do project life for our daily pictures also.

I haven't taken many pictures of the Disney Album but hope to have it photographed soon and I will post the link, but I do have some pictures of the other projects I had started with Project Life.

Here are some pictures of the Otis's Album. I have mostly used the Dog mini kit and I went into my other core kits to find other cards that coordinated with the colors of the mini kit. I have used some Thickers, and some Washi tape, and a journaling pen. Not much is needed to pull an awesome book together!

 This is the first page of his album.

Here is another layout from his album:
Here is a layout from the wedding:

And here is one that I put together from another trip of ours. I have gotten a little excited about this method so I have started working on a few projects at once which isn't hard to do since a lot of supplies aren't needed so it isn't as an ordeal if I was working on them the more traditional style.

Here is a close up for each page:

So who else out there are Project Life type storytellers? Drop me a comment to let me know about your journey into Project Life or what your favorite kit is!
Happy Scrapping!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Banner Fun!

I have seen all these cute banners on Pinterest and Etsy, which inspired me to give banner making a  try. I started out with a small banner to get my feet wet, and I am liking how it turned out.

I started with a plain cardboard banner set that I had purchased quite some time ago. I then went to my stash to find a cute Halloween paper line. I decided to use Teresa Collins, Masquerade Party 6x6 paper pad. I then dug deep into my stash and found a package of glitter embellishments from Anna Griffin. This was coming together much easier than I thought it would. The only other supplies used was a border punch, ribbon, cardstock and adhesive.

Here is a close up of each piece of the banner. I started by cutting each piece of paper the correct width and played with different patterns to see which ones I liked next to each other. I tried to do some repetition in the patterns to make the whole banner tie together.

Here is how the finished project looks. I can't wait to get started on my next banner project.
 I am thinking something for the upcoming Christmas holidays. I just need to find the perfect paper and embellishment line that will work with the rest of our holiday décor. I am sure that won't be a problem since I have seen many cute Christmas lines hit the stores already!
One last picture to show you how it looks with other Halloween décor in our home.

I would love to hear about what types of Halloween décor items you have created this year or what Pinterest has inspired you to try this Halloween season. Please share in the comments below, since I am always looking for ideas for next year!
Happy Creating!