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Thursday, July 7, 2011

At last I am finished!

I seem to be having some tech issues or maybe just overall issues today! First I think I broke my Ipod which I am not happy about..I had it connected to the computer to charge and the mouse went dead so I couldn't eject it properly and now its stuck on a faded screen that says its connected... Looks like the kiss of death to me...Plus I don't have itunes on that computer so it wouldn't have synced or anything like that.. anyways I guess I learned my lesson.. So now I am trying to share the pics of my completed room and now it won't show me the most recent pics I have downloaded so I can add them to this post. Maybe I shouldn't touch anything more today! What a day! I wish I could say my room was still so neat and organized, but I am in the middle of my design team entries so its a wee bit messy, but at least when I am done creating it all will have a place to call home! Its so nice to be able to say I am done! At least until someday when my room actually gets finished.. but that is a ways down the road.. Then it will look 100 % better, since I will have real walls and flooring! I love having the windows and all the natural light that comes in. Let alone I can sit and daydream out them when I work! Hopefully I have figured out a way to add some pics!

 Enjoy the beautiful weather and happy creating!

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  1. The room looks great, nice job