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Sunday, July 10, 2011

And back to the real world..

And so the weekend and my week off comes to an end.. As all good things must.. It was nice getting some things marked off the to do list and having some me time! I totally recommend it! 5:30 am is going to come way too soon! I have almost completed my design team items. I only have one layout left and that is only because I am going to use the layout I created for a contest instead that American Crafts is hosting on their face book page. I will  need lots of people to like my layout, pretty pretty please! =) Here is a sneak peak of the layout.

As I was working on my last layout this is what I turned around to see. I must learn not to turn my back on a certain someone! He apparently enjoys scarves just like me!

I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend and I hope that the week flies by for everyone! Happy Creating!

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  1. that silly otis he is such a goof love the pic and layout thanks for sharing