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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Happy Weekend!

Weekends are always enjoyable! Especially when you get to kick back and do not much of anything! I got to go to some of my fave places this weekend! Target of course( got some awesome deals, a pair of converse for 7.50 a pair of crop pants for $6.00... you can't go wrong! Then it was off to the local scrapstore to stock up on some more white cardstock and a few other new goodies and then we went to an antique store.. Lots of cool goodies there that would work well for a scrap room! Its fun looking at all the trinket items. Plus its nice to be in the air conditioning since its still a scorcher here! Well  here is a look at a few other items that I have done.. Maybe I did the blizzard layout in hopes of it cooling the weather off! I also love the fact that I have used some of my older supplies!!! Time to use and to stop hoarding!!! LOL! That should be my new motto!

Happy Creating!


  1. oh and I'm trying to start a blog but how in the world do I make it look cute like yours?? I'm so not web design savvy...

  2. I am not very web savy either otherwise this would look much better. I found blogger to be the best one to use though and had way more templates that were cool to use without fees. most of this was done through the design part.. You just need to get a nice beverage and prepare to sit awhile to play and put it all together.. It took me a few hours to do!