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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Busy Week.. is now over time to enjoy the weekend!

This week was crazy! This time of year is a crazy time to work at a school! It doesn't help that this year we did a bunch of remodeling as well so we are just now getting into our new offices and trying to get settled in! My office still looks like a mess! But that is Monday's headache and I am going to enjoy the weekend!

I get to go pick up our new car today, which I am totally excited about and then we get to go out and do some shopping and out for lunch! I can't wait to see what the scrap stores have in new! I have to get a few more things to finish projects for yet another design team... All I can do though is keep trying! I also will have a layout that will be up on the American Crafts facebook challenge on Monday too.. So if you can please vote for my layout. I will post the link here on Monday. In the mean time here is another layout I had completed earlier this month.. ( and I haven't forgotten the disney layout I had started to put together either.. watch for how that turns out as well! )


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