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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Frenzy Week...Lots of stuff to do!

The end of summer is truly here.. The teachers are back to school and the kids will be shortly.. Which means I am in panic mode trying to get everything ready! We settled into our new offices over a week ago and mine still isn't looking too pretty! Oh well I need to pick my battles and beauty will have to lose to functional as of now... Not for too long though since I will go mad working in those conditions!

I will miss the quiet that the school gives during summer! (yes some of us do work during the summer at a school! not all of us get summers off!) The bustling halls aren't all bad though. It will be nice to see other faces once again! So we have the start of the school year and then the start of football as well.. quite the busy week! Unfortunately I won't be going to cheer on our Badgers this Thurs, I am sure hubby will enjoy seeing the game with his dad more then with me anyways!

On top of all that fun.. I just submitted to another company's design team call.. Glad I printed off the questions this morning to look at otherwise I would have missed the deadline... I somehow thought I had an extra day! Oops! Then I am going to try and work on the other company who's deadline is in a few days.. I am persistent or crazy! Gotta try you never know when you might get a chance! Well here is an extra layout I ended up with after I got all my projects done for tonight!

Happy Creating and I hope everyone's back to school goes smoothly!

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