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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Next room is...

Tonight we will explore the living room. This room has gotten an extra furniture piece since we took the picture so the room is arranged a little differently. This room is the most cozy rooms in the entire house and I love that is open to the kitchen so you can  listen to the news during preparing for dinner or during clean up. I think as a bonus I will add the pics of the main bathroom as well since I think I may have some other projects to share later on this weekend.  I am kind of  bummed that its all ready August.. the summer flies by way too quickly which leaves me with only one more half day friday before the start of the school year.. I love having my half day Fridays to create and play in my scrap room!!

I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend! What does everyone have planned?

And yes Otis is my little model who had to follow me from room to room and pose in each picture! If only he was still that little!

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