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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Home Decor from Drab to Fab!

So with no further ado here is the home decor project that had kept me busy on and off for the last week. Never enough hours in a day for me to get done everything I would like to. Well recently I have come across a few pages on Facebook of people taking older furniture pieces and giving them new  life in fun colors. I decided I can do that too! So we went out to garage sales (hubby too) and we found a pair of side tables for cheap $10 a piece. I little worn out with some water rings and such.. but that didn't make a difference to me! The prior owner informed me that he and his wife used them as nightstands which is also what I was planning on doing..

So once we found the treasure I had to come up with a color scheme.. I am horrible with making decisions I tend to "over think", but I came up with what I thought would be some fun colors.. Yes I said Color"s" I can't just do things simple... I had to go to the next level.

So I overtook the garage since the weather has been hit and miss around here and with a few hours of priming and painting here is the finished product. I hope to organize and clean the bedroom tomorrow and give them their proper home since the clear coat should be dry in the morning!

So Here is my Drab to Fab Home Decor Refurbish:

Also that weekend I got a great deal on a mirror as well, but I don't know if I should show that piece some color too?? Any thoughts??

Once the bedroom comes together I will show you that redo!

I hope everyone has a fabulous extended weekend and that you get some time for Happy Creating!


  1. The nightstands came out great!! I love finding old things and repainting them.

  2. I always want instant I have no patience for the sanding part...but, as a lover of all things teal (agua, turquoise), I love these!

  3. Actually no sanding! Which is a bonus, just a really good primer and paint and then sealed with a clear coat.