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Monday, October 10, 2011

Some of my Fall Decor!

Here are some pics of the fall/halloween decor that I have pulled out.. Trying to find fun places to use them since this is the first fall in our new home. I didn't get a pic yet of the fun I did outside, since part of it just arrived tonight. I will promise to have a pic of that tomorrow though!

Cute Bowl from Target, bucket from a store up in Door County 

                            Some awesome shiny pumpkins from Pier 1

     The other two bowls from Target.. I love their seasonal items!

                                                        My salt and pepper shaker!
                                                       Cute candle holders from Kohls
                                       Luminary I got up in Door County as well.
                                                Glittery hanging spider!
                                                            Some pumpkins my mom made!

         My awesome blue pumpkin that matches the decor in my office!
                I got it at Hobby Lobby!

Tomorrow night I will have pics of our outside decor I have been working on along of some pics of Otis looking Halloweenie!

Happy Creating!

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