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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Shrekish week!

Well its been that kind of week since I had last posted. I had gotten a call on Tuesday at work stating Terry (husband) had hurt his ankle really bad by falling and was going to the ER and I should meet him... but first I was to get the oil changed... (the always practical male) I got to the ER and the only way to describe his foot is think SHREK! His foot looked twice the size of the other one with no definition and some weird coloring (not green though!) Xrays didn't show any breaks, which was good, but he definitely had sprained it pretty bad and may have done some tendon issues, but  too much swelling to tell that.. Wednesday was a fun day of him not being able to get around at all, since it hurt way too much to put any weight on it.. Thursday he could attempt to hobble/hop around... As of today he still can't put a sock on it let alone a shoe... and his foot still looks quite cartoony..  So because of all of that fun, I didn't get a chance to go out and take a pic of our fun fall decorations outside the house.. Without further ado here is our Hay Guy "Harvest Jack"

Here is another one we found around as well! 

Happy Creating and I hope everyone is enjoying fall!!! 


  1. Well, the hay guy looks good. I hope his poor foot gets better too. :-)