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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Getting back to basics...

My go to tool are punches.. I just love trying to use them in different ways. Whether its using them with a favorite paper, layering them to make different embellishments, using them in to get the perfect circle quickly... I think I love them so much because they are simple. Nothing better then just reaching for an item and then picking a paper applying some pressure and boom! You have your shape.  Don't get me wrong even the most simple tools can be used to make quite some fancy embellishments. Let alone some of the punches have come quite a ways! 

Point in case, take a look at these Tonic Petal Pairs. These are so fun to use! You punch out two different flower petal shapes and the entwine them together. These are so pretty and you get tons of diversity depending on the papers you use. Also depending on how you entwine them together you can get a different look.  Here is a pick of the punches:  

Here is a pic of what you can do with them. Can you see all the pretty colors? It was so fun putting them together and seeing how they would look. 

Here is what I did with the punches. This was such a fun layout to do. I started out with one idea and ended up doing something totally different, and I love how this turned out! 

Also with a basic shape punch if you want to add some new life to it or make a fancier embellishment, try this: Gather up a bunch of coordinating scraps, and then trim them into strips, next adhere the strips down onto a piece of coordinating cardstock, then punch.  I did this with the heart punch that I have. Here is the example: 

I not only use Tonic punches, I also use their shape cutting system as well which is fun and easy to work with. Here is a pic of a layout that I used the circle and waves to make the background in the layout. 

I love getting out some of my more basic supplies and seeing what cool things or trends I can do with them! I hope I have inspired some of you to get some of those go to products out and look at them in a new way! 

Happy Creating! 


  1. love the layout

  2. beautiful job as always love them all

  3. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing...

  4. Wow! Great layout and wonderful use of the punches!! <3 this!

  5. I love those punches and seeing what you did with them. I'm lovin' that adorable dog LO too.

  6. Oh, and I'm a new follower too!

  7. Very cool technique with the interwoven flowers!

  8. I still love my punches too! I have dies of all sorts and a Cricut, but nothing beats the quickness of a punch! Love the LO with all the pretty flowers making the heart shape.