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Thursday, December 1, 2011

I am back with lots of fun craftiness!

Well I have had a long enough hiatus. The holiday season puts me in craft mode 101! I actually got 3, yes 3 projects completed in the last couple of weeks. I am so excited to share. Pinterest is what got me hooked on some wreaths. We have a beautiful front door at our house and its very bare! I whipped up two wreaths. One is more traditional christmas with green, burgandy,cream and browns. The other is more winterish that can be left out for quite a few months here in good ol' Wisconsin!  So here is some pics of the tulle wreaths that I whipped up! I love making these!  It's so much fun looking for colors of tulle and finding things to decorate them!

The next project I had sitting in my garage for some time waiting for inspiration to hit. I work at a school and I am all for supporting what the students do. The wood shop kids have a sale towards the end of the year of the items that they learn to make. It just so happened that I needed a couple of nightstands for the extra bedroom.. I picked up two unfinished stands, that sat in the garage for a few months... sorry to say.. but I soon figured out how I wanted to finish them off. I think they look perfect in the room! I hope to redo the dresser I have had ever since I remember as well to match!  Here is what some gloss black and cream paint can do along with some fun door knobs that I found at Hobby Lobby!

It feels so good to get things checked off the crafty wish list! Now next  I have one digital calendar to make, one scrappy calendar to make, and a butt load of holiday cards! Who else is neck deep in holiday craftiness? I wish everyone happy creating!


  1. Great wreaths! I need to get my Christmas craftiness going!

  2. What a fun wreath! I just put up ours today. :)